Prairie Breeze Reserve 3.5 Year




With Milton Creamery’s 15-year cheesemaking anniversary in May of 2021, they have decided to release another limited round of Prairie Breeze™ Reserve. They’ve doubled the ripening time of the current Prairie Breeze™ creating an extremely unique texture and flavor.  

The mouth feel is crumbly, creamy and crunchy and the flavor is sweet, fruity and full of butterscotch notes. If you’ve ever experienced that fresh canned pineapple smell and/or taste with Prairie Breeze™, you will absolutely find it in Prairie Breeze™ Reserve.

Milton Creamery was founded by the Musser family of Iowa. The creamery is the result of a dream to help others in the agriculture world and beyond, adding value to the milk for dairy farmers, creating jobs in rural Iowa, and bringing people a product created with art and passion. Over the years, they have won numerous blue ribbons for their authentic cheddar style cheeses all made with milk from small, local, family-owned farms.

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