RLM Tomme Brulee




Master affineur (and World’s Best Cheesemonger 2007), Rodolphe Le Meunier combs the French countryside for France’s best cheeses and ages them to perfection in his own caves. In the case of the Tomme Brulee, Meunier sources a classic Petit Basque (a hard farmhouse sheep’s cheese made in France’s southern Basque region) ages it for a few months, and then—this is where it gets good!—burns the rind with an open flame.

The result is a beautiful cheese inside and out; everything we love from traditional farmhouse cheeses (grassy and sweet) yet with an added richness from the open flame (caramel-ly, smoky, and nutty). Enjoy with fresh berries and a refreshing amber ale, or medium to full bodied red wines.

Country/Region: Basque Region, Southern France

Style: Basque 

Milk Type: Raw Sheep’s Milk 

Age: 3+ months 

Rennet: Animal 

Texture: Hard 

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