Snack Pack Gift Basket



Sweet and savory snacks abound! Our Snack Food Gift Basket features a wide array of the world’s greatest snacks. From artisanal chocolate to gourmet popcorn, this is the perfect gift for someone who crunches and munches their way through life. This gift basket features some of our favorite snack brands including:

  • Bjorn Corn 1 oz
  • Popinsanity Popcorn
  • Popcorn Shed
  • Big Picture Goat Caramels
  • Kolsavart Swedish Fish
  • Dardiman’s Snack Pack 
  • Mayana Mini Bar
  • Annaelabees Caramel Box
  • Zapps Chips
  • Bklyn Larder Loaf Cake 

Includes FREE National Express Shipping. If an item is out of stock it will be replaced with something of equal or greater value.


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