Pump Street Chocolate Chicken

Pump St. Chocolate Chickens are a sweet and whimsical treat. Each "chicken" comes nested in a pastel colored rounded box. 

Jamaica 75%: This dark chocolate is initially rich, then a satisfying melt releases hints of sweet, juicy berries into a distinctive honeyed rum finish

Madagascar Milk 58%: A creamy, luxurious whole milk chocolate with notes of caramel and treacle and the zesty finish characteristic of Madagascan beans. Perfect for milk and dark chocolate fans alike.

Oat Milk 60%: The first dairy-free milk chocolate chicken from Pump St is hand-crafted using Oat Milk 60% chocolate. These hollow figures make the perfect unexpected Easter gift.

Local Pickup + Delivery

We offer Local Pick-up, Local Delivery at:

BKLYN Larder: 228 Flatbush Ave. BK, NY 11217

M-S 10AM - 7PM


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