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Savor Patisserie Fall Macarons

In 2015, Savor was founded in a sugar-covered Dallas apartment by Kelli Watts. Born to a French mother, Kelli always had an interest in French things, and that, combined with her love for baking, led her to teach herself how to bake french macarons. After much practice, she developed her own proprietary recipes and opened up her first shop location. Today, Savor is a female owned and managed company with two shops in Dallas-Fort Worth and macarons shipped all over the nation. And their Macarons actually taste like something. Some macarons have disappearing, subtle flavors that aren’t easily distinguishable. Not these. With a perfect ratio of almond flour, egg whites, and sugar, and then ample flavor to both the shells and the filling, these macarons  have a bold taste that doesn’t leave you wondering which one you just ate. And, they use real, organic ingredients!
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Savor Patisserie Fall Macarons

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