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Pump Street is an award-winning bakery in the village of Orford on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast. After mastering naturally-leavened bread, Pump Street ventured into making chocolate from beans imported directly from single estates and cooperatives around the world. Pump Street sources cacao from the best growers who ferment and dry the beans at origin. The roasting, grinding and conching is tailored to yield the best tasting chocolate possible. Choose your flavor: 

-Sourdough & Sea Salt: The second release in Pump Street’s bakery series of chocolate bars featuring their own baked goods. The crumb of their 100% rye loaf is added to this Ecuador 60% Dark Milk. The mellow creaminess of the milk chocolate shows off the nuttiness and acidity of the rye grain. Award winning – Academy of Chocolate 2015 – Gold – Best Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar & Great Taste Awards 2015 – 2 Gold Stars.

-Hot Cross Buns: Made with cocoa from the spice island of Crayfish Bay and our bakery’s signature hot cross buns, scented with nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. The bar is then, like the buns, studded with currants.

-Brown Bread: A chunky, malty amalgamation of bread pieces and sweet toffee-ish white chocolate made with our very own cocoa press and Samuel von Rutte’s Ecuadorian cocoa beans from Hacienda Limon.

-Oat Milk: Dairy free and vegan milk chocolate made with Scottish oats. With a pleasingly fudgy bite and scents of cinnamon, mellow nuttiness and flavours of sweet cream and porridge, this bar offers a genuine alternative for a creamy, milk chocolate.  

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