San Giacomo Balsamic Vinegars




Andrea from Acetaia San Giacomo produces quite possibly the best Balsamic Vinegars we have ever tasted- and now has the three certifications of Traditionale, Red for minimum 12 years of aging, Silver for 18 years aging and Gold for 25 years of aging.

San Giacomo’s balsamico are made in small-batches in Salon del Gusto in Turin, Italy. These balsamics are Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale- which means the makers must follow a distinct and strict procedure, the product must be made in Reggio Emilia and Modena, and the resulting vinegars are protected by EU classification.

The process begins with cooking the ‘must‘ – unfermented whole white grapes, usually Trebbiano or Lambrusco, and reducing it to a rich dark syrup by cooking the grapes over an open fire. The grape sugars caramelize and the flavors concentrate. The reduced ‘must‘ is then poured into a wood barrel containing balsamic vinegar from a previous batch. That balsamic vinegar is then poured into a smaller barrel containing a small amount of balsamic vinegar from an older batch and so on and so on. With the barrels produced from a variety of wood, such as cherry, oak, juniper and more, each batch of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is unique in its flavour.

Choose your flavor from: 

Saba: A luxurious syrup made from only grape must- absolutely no water, coloring, etc. Saba has a wonderful raisiny, caramel flavor. It’s slight sweetness makes it the perfect thing to drizzle on ice cream or soft cheeses.

Balsamela: Organic sweet Apple Balsamic vinegar. This delicious sweet apple balsamic vinegar is the result of cooking over fire organic apple juice and organic apple vinegar. Use liberally over grilled veggies, on desserts, or a classic vinaigrette.