Smoking Goose Jowl Bacon

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Think of bacon- but thicker and richer. "Jowl" refers to the muscle on a pig's cheek and neck. The jowl is first cured with sea salt, brown sugar, and maple sugar. Once cured, the jowl is rubbed with coarse black pepper and smoked with hickory wood. Perfect for rendering, we suggest using for your grits, beef bourguignon, sauteed vegetables, and more. 

Smoking Goose Meatery produces meticulously handcrafted meats, from slow cured and smoked meats to salumi and fresh sausages, all out of their Indianapolis meat locker. All Smoking Goose Meatery meat is sourced from small, independent family farms in Indiana and neighboring states raising animals as nature intended: no Gestation Pens, Antibiotic Free, 100% Vegetarian Feed, or No Growth Promotants.


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