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What makes a good cheese board a great cheese board? Of course you have to start with the world's best cheeses. Why not go a step further and add the finest condiments to enhance the flavors of your cheese selection?


The Sweet Edition Cheeseboard box comes with three cheeses cut to 1/3 pound each, BKLYN Larder house-made crostini, and our selection of artisanal sweet pairings. Our team will select the perfect cheeses and toppings to compose the perfect Sweet Cheeseboard. We'll send a long a written description of each cheese with suggestions for tasting order and facts about the makers and crafters featured in the box. The Sweet Edition often includes the following toppings: 

-BRINS Strawberry Lemongrass jam: Ripe red strawberries- everyone's first love! BRINS adds in the citrusy, earthy Thai lemongrass for a light twist on everyone's childhood favorite.  

-Brooklyn Queen Honey: Honey made by Margot Dorn, right here in Brooklyn. The honey comes from four hives at the Hart to Hart community garden. Intensely floral, complex. 

-Sol Cacao bar: Founded by three brothers, Dominic, Nicholas and Daniel, ​Sol Cacao offers three chocolate bars that are made only from two simple ingredients: cacao beans and raw cane sugar.

Cheese in the Sweet Edition often includes the following:

-Marcel Petit Comte: Classic French mountain cow from a fifth generation producer. 
-L'Amuse Brabander: Our top selling cheese. Nutty yet sweet goat gouda.
-Manchego Pasamontes: Traditional three-month basket aged sheep cheese from Spain.
-Prairie Breeze: Milton Creamery's cheddar from Iowa. Sweeter than most cheddars, with pleasant crunchy protein crystals (which often occur naturally in aged cheese) throughout. 
-Garrotxa: Traditional Catalan goat's milk cheese that is buttery and tastes of fresh milk with light herbal notes. 

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IT'S ALL GOOD Should a specific item be unavailable, we promise to substitute it with something that’s of equal or greater value and just as delicious.

ADD YOUR OWN TOUCH The garnishes shown above (fresh fruit, herbs, etc), plated on the Cheese Boards, are not includedunless explicitly indicated in box contents. 

THESE ARE PERISHABLES To ensure it arrives promptly and fresh, shipping is limited to two-day or overnight to some locations.


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