There's nothing quite like riding the high of having completed a grueling year (or two...or four...) of seemingly unending school work. Or maybe, one thing compares. Let your Grad continue that sweet, sweet adrenaline rush with a sugar high like they've never experienced before. We present: the Sweet Treats for the Grad box.  

Our Sweet Treats for the Grad box contains:

  • One box of Quin's Dreams Come Chew: Fruity, chewy candies like you've never had them before. Original flavors of this best selling candy include: cherry, strawberry, tangerine, lemon, lime, and pineapple + coconut. Never artificial, always delicious. 
  • A box of Salty Road Salt Water Taffy: Made right here in Brooklyn, with natural flavorings and incredible attention to detail. The result is a flavorful, creamy-like-a-milkshake taffy studded with distinct salt crystal crunches.
  • A bag of Larder-Made Lemon Shortbread Cookies: Sweet, zesty, and buttery all at once. We bake fresh house-made lemon curd into the middle of the cookie for extra zing! 
  • One box of Mayana Chocolates: Their classic 4-piece Signature Collection, hand-crafted and made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Organic cream, pure ingredients, and never any extracts. 

Plus, view our Graduation Party Sampler. 

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