​8 Ways to Up Your Grilled Cheese Game, Larder Style.

​8 Ways to Up Your Grilled Cheese Game, Larder Style.

28th Mar 2019

Grilled Cheese. It’s the only sandwich that’s always been on the BKLYN Larder menu. And for good reason, too: a well-made grilled cheese is absolute perfection-- the slight crunch of toasted bread giving way to an oozy, gooey, savory, cheesy middle...You’d think that there’s nothing to improve on, but that’s where we come in.

We’ve made lots (in the ballpark of thousands) of grilled cheese sandwiches throughout the years, and during our down time, we’ve made all sorts of funky and delicious variations on the classic-- often utilizing the products we have in-store. Here’s a list of BKLYN Larder’s 8 best grilled cheese recipes to celebrate National Grilled Cheese month, also known by non-foodies as: April.

1. The Larder Classic

Take two slices of the fluffiest, highest quality bread you can find. In the past, we’ve used Pan Die Me (a brioche-y bread) or Challah. If you want a nuttier, more substantial bread, any good multigrain bread will do. Butter only the outsides of each slice and sandwich the cheeses in the middle. We say cheeses, plural, because we find that using a mix of cheeses results in the best possible grilled cheese. Try a nutty Comte, a sharp Prairie Breeze cheddar, and a fruity Gruyere! Press the sandwich until the bread is nicely toasted and cheese is very melted. If you’re cooking on a stovetop, use low-medium heat and place a weight (a pot, kettle, another pan) on top of the sandwich to create the “pressing” effect. Take sandwich off of the heat, lightly salt and pepper the sandwich, slice and serve.

2. Pimento Cheese Spread, Prairie Cheddar, and Bacon

The layers of this sandwich goes thusly: bread, Pimento Cheese Spread, Prairie Cheddar, Bacon, Prairie Cheddar, Pimento Cheese Spread, Bread. All the layers of cheese will melt around the bacon slices and it’ll all meld into one delicious, hot, gooey mess.

3. The Hertiage Cheddar, Challerhocker, and McClure’s Pickles.

The cheddar will provide sharp and sweet notes, while the Challerhocker will bring some nuttiness and slight funk. The McClure's pickles round off this sandwich with the perfect amount of crunch and tang.

4. BRINS Chili Pepper Jam and Goat Cheese.

If you know us, you know we love BRINS. And if you know chili pepper jams, you know BRINS Chili Pepper jam is the best. Smear a healthy amount on one slice. Top with fresh goat cheese. If you want to go the extra mile, throw on some caramelized onions.

5. Brie Fermier, Blackberry Farm Apple Butter.

We all know of the classic Brie and Green Apple pairing- but have you ever had Brie with Apple Butter? It’s a game changer- salty, sweet, with the lightest touch of tang. Make sure to top the sandwich with a slight sprinkle of sea salt. Yum.

6. Ham and Old Brooklyn Cheese IPA Mustard and Cornichons

This is our Grilled Cheese version of our ever-beloved Ham & Gruyere sandwich. Put half of the Gruyere on the first slice of bread. Layer the ham on top, then cornichons. Put the last half of Gruyere on top, smear a light layer of Old Brooklyn Cheese IPA mustard on the top slice of bread. Toast until delicious. 

7. Chiriboga and Fig + Chili Redhead

If you can’t find Chiriboga, go for a Stilton. If you don’t live by BKLYN Larder and can’t find either, whatever high quality, salty blue cheese you can get will do just fine. Spread a light layer of Redhead Fig + Chili sauce onto both slices. The Redhead sauce will provide sweetness and a slight heat (it's got fig, balsamic, ginger, and other spices)- it’s difficult to find a solid substitute, but a fig jam will do. Sandwich the blue cheese in the middle and press until satisfyingly-melty. 

8. Comte, Reading, and Xili Salsa Macha

Comte has a special place in our hearts. We feel like it’s the perfect cheese: nutty, creamy, slightly fruity, absolutely decadent, but somehow also completely snackable and approachable. Combine that with the master of all melty cheeses, the Reading, and you’ve got yourself a pretty banging grilled cheese sandwich. Throw some spicy, smokey Xili Salsa Macha on there...and, man. Is it possible to fall in love with an inanimate object? 

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