A BKLYN Larder Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

A BKLYN Larder Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

16th Aug 2019

If you’re planning an intimate Thanksgiving meal this year (perhaps for just you and your significant other- or roommate), you can still have a full and delicious spread without doing all the difficult prep-work, having a ridiculous amount of leftovers, or breaking the bank. Impress your plus one with our full Thanksgiving dinner-- portioned for two! Let us do the hard part, so you can enjoy the dinner stress-free.

  1. Don’t Turkey Overload- Do the Turkey Roll

We all know how overwhelming an entire turkey roast can be- especially if the meal is only for two. Carving, de-boning, and handling the leftovers can all be too much. If you agree, our Turkey Roll is absolutely made for you. We take local, pasture-raised turkeys (no antibiotics or hormones- ever!), brine and de-bone the bird, then form an easy-to-slice turkey roll. The roll is stuffed with our classic herb stuffing (made with our house-made pork sausages, mushrooms, Italian bread, herbs, locally grown celery, and onions simmered in our chicken stock) and roasted to perfection. Each slice contains both white and dark meat, succulent stuffing, and crispy skin. Grab a pint of our house-made gravy to drizzle over your turkey roll (sold by the ½ (serves 2-4) and full (serves 6-8) roll) for your classic Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Sides, Sized for You

All of our sides, including the Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Spiced Kabocha Squash, Olive Oil Crushed Potatoes, come in two different sizes; the small serves 2-4 people, so you don’t have to settle for just one large pan of just one side. Even if it’s just for two, we want to make sure your Thanksgiving spread is, well, truly a delicious spread.

3. Did We Mention Dessert?

All our pies (classic Apple, Pumpkin (made with farm-fresh, local pumpkins), Sweet Potato Pie (made with coconut cream and topped with meringue) and Pecan Chocolate Bourbon) come in mini sizes (serves 1-2). This means that your Thanksgiving dinner for two can include an artisanal, farm-fresh, made-from-scratch pie for dessert. You can even indulge and get a mini pie in every flavor, so you can enjoy Apple, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato Pie, and Pecan Chocolate Bourbon without having to choose between flavors. Plus, grab one of our house-made, hand-spun gelato pints so you can have pie à la mode. We’ll have all of our classic flavors, plus two seasonal offerings: Pumpkin (of course!) and Ricotta with Crushed Graham Crackers.

4. Everything You Want, A La Carte!

Planning your Thanksgiving for Two is as simple as picking your desired dishes off our menu*. Let’s say you order a Turkey half-roll, a pint of Giblet Gravy, a small Corn, Leek, & Swiss Chard Pudding, a mini Apple pie and a mini Pecan Bourbon pie, but get a last-minute hankering for Olive Oil Crushed Potatoes and Chichories & Citrus Salad. We’ll have all** the other offerings on the menu available à la carte in-store. So if you realize day-of when you come to pick up your order, you’d actually love some fresh Parker House rolls, an extra Sweet Potato pie, some Cranberry Sauce, and a side of Mac & Cheese-- we’ve got you! Your entire Thanksgiving Dinner for Two, stress-free and absolutely delicious-- easy as Larder pie.

Order by October 16th to receive 15% off your order and 1 free order of Parker House Rolls.Order between October 17th and November 9th to receive 5% off your order and 1 free order of Parker House Rolls.  

*Place your order in-store, via email (catering@bklynlarder.com) or phone (718.783.1250).

**À la carte offerings subject to availability!

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