BKLYN Larder x Superlost

BKLYN Larder x Superlost

Published by Michael Avery on 11th Feb 2020

Coffee is entering the fourth wave. Don’t know the waves of coffee? Here is the short breakdown. First, American households started buying coffee for their kitchen. You know the jingle, “the best part of waking up...” This is followed by large chains, such as Starbucks, offering a gourmet coffee experience. Tall, non-fat latte with caramel drizzle, please! Fast forward to the many artisanal shops focusing on the craft of coffee. Hints of honeysuckle, blueberry compote and white chocolate to capture the palate, am I right?

Enter the fourth wave – one that can only be described as conscious collaboration. Coffee has an origin, an essence as a plant and spirit in building local community. Where was the bean harvested? Who is roasting it? How is it being roasted? Craft itself is valuable but only to a point. What purpose? Identity? We want transparency. We long for a story. We care about our consumption. We care about our community.

Our partner – Superlost Coffee Roasters

Located in the neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn, Superlost prides itself on the following tenets: traceability, unique brews, creative art and supporting coffee farming regions

Traceability. Each bag of beans includes a list of four markers on the back to provide full transparency for the coffee: The location origin, the roasting process, the altitude of the plant and the roasting date. 

Brews. Superlost offers two different types of cold brew. Their classic brew is made with a single origin Colombian bean, steeped for 24 hours and triple filtered, for that clean taste you want from cold brew coffee. 

Now for something completely unique. CBD cold brew. No, you won’t get high. But you will find the perfect balance of calm and caffeination. So many people struggle with the cold brew jitters. Are you one of those people? This is a must try! 

A-R-T: Superlost partners with local artists to curate limited edition prints for each batch of beans. These prints are hand screen-printed on every individual bag. More importantly, each artist gets creative liberty and paid above market for their work. Each release brings a new artist and a new print. This is the neighborhood connection that makes this coffee rad. 

Support: Third wave was about sourcing directly from coffee farms. Fourth wave takes the next step in directly working and supporting those farm communities. Superlost takes action in every step of the process and provides a portion of the proceeds to the charities located in the farming regions.

Our Collaboration

Every day we grind fresh beans and brew delicious coffee for our customers and staff. That coffee is from the folks at Superlost who provide us with beans originating from Ethiopia to Colombia. Their crew engineered our daily drip brewer to filter their coffee in the way it was intended, making every cup just as good as the next. 

Want cold brew? Fear not! Superlost has also supplied us with their 24-hour, triple filtered cold brew. Just ask a larder staff member and we will prepare your own cup of cold brew, with ice, for purchase. 

Want to brew Superlost coffee at home? We have Chemex coffeemakers and filters for sale right next to the Superlost beans. We’ll happily grind your bag of beans if requested.

We take our community and our coffee seriously. Come ride the fourth wave at BKLYN Larder by sharing a conversation with your neighbors over a cup of Superlost coffee.

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