​BKLYN Larder's Eco-Friendly Friends

​BKLYN Larder's Eco-Friendly Friends

19th Apr 2019

As a small business, it's important for us at BKLYN Larder to support fellow local, sustainable, small-production farms and companies. It's something we take into heart and consider heavily when sourcing products for the store. Most, if not all, items on our shelves support this company ethic; many products boast small-batches, hand-production, and sustainable company ideals.

Here’s a list of a some of the makers we are proud to support for their sustainable company practices.

Saratoga Spring Water Co.'s sparkling and natural spring water bottles are a staple on the BKLYN Larder shelves. We sought to stock Saratoga not only for their crisp, clean taste but also for their company ethnic. Saratoga water glass is turned into decorative glass mulch and sand by a local company. Waste plastic bottles, strapping, cardboard, office paper, wrapping, bags, outdated. Plus, electronics, cell phones, printers, etc. are recycled on a periodic basis. Over the past 7 years, we have reduced our landfill waste by about 75%.

Brooklyn Grange makes delicious hot sauce- all made with produce from their own farms built on top of bare roofs. Their farming practices support a system of low human interaction, so that the ecosystems can thrive on their own. Brooklyn Grange also creates their own compost from waste from their own production and neighboring businesses, with additional compost from Red Hook Community Farm’s composting program. They also use biodegradable shipping and packaging materials whenever needed!

White Mustache is another company that seeks to create products with intentionality and awareness. All White Mustache yogurts are made with whole milk from Hudson Valley Fresh, a dairy farm that dedicates efforts to maintaining traditional, sustainable farming practices. White Mustache has also started to make probiotic drinks from the previously wasted whey yogurt by product.

Toast Ale is an award winning craft ale made from surplus bread. One third of bread made in the United States goes to waste. Toast Ale seeks to reduce that amount by brewing delicious, award-winning beer from that wasted bread. A hundred percent of profits from Toast Ale sales are donated to Feedback, an environmental organization that campaigns against system causes of food waste.

Happy Valley Meat Co. looks to support humane, sustainable animal farms. Since the end of 2018, all the farmers under Happy Valley Meat Co. follow the 5 freedoms of their animal welfare standards. This ensures that each and every animal will be raised in a healthy, wholesome, humane environment. Happy Valley Meat Co. provides the Larder with ethical, delicious, farm-fresh beef.

Similarly, Fossil Farms is an ethical meat provider for BKLYN Larder. Fossil Farms is committed to offering all natural, farm-raised exotic meats and game that are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids. They work exclusively with small family owned and operated farms across the United States that humanely raise animals using sustainable farming techniques. The animals are 10 0% source verified from the farm of origin, fed a vegetarian diet and roam on open pastures.

At BKLYN Larder, we try our best to use biodegradable packaging whenever viable. We offer biodegradable to-go boxes, brown paper bags, and biodegradable utensils for our customers. Being sustainable as a business is important to us; we’re extremely proud to support companies that share our ideals! 

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