BKLYN Larder's Favorite Winter Cheeses

BKLYN Larder's Favorite Winter Cheeses

18th Feb 2020

Here at the Larder our favorite cheeses change with the seasons. New summer milk cheeses will come in, we discover something new, or something we have had for a long time just seems to hit the spot more now that it is cold outside. Here we are highlighting our current favorite cheeses. Perfect for cozy nights in with your friends or for a romantic date night at home.

Here are our current favorites that all pair nicely with one another and can all be found in our shop.


This raw style goat’s cheese is done in the style of Cabricharme, but its rind is actually rubbed in coffee. This gives it that creamy texture with a strong coffee flavor. This would pair well with a fresh fruit like strawberries.


Bismark is a cheddar-style made with thermalized sheep’s milk. It is aged for four months in old brewing tunnels at Crown Finish Caves right here in Brooklyn! It is smoked with lard for a nutty and savory flavor with grassy notes. Pair it with a sweet jam like Brin’s strawberry lemongrass.

L’etivaz AOP

L’etivaz is a raw cow’s milk cheese that is aged for a minimum of 16 months. It is made from a summer milk which means that the cows were milked during the summer months when the grass they were feeding on was at its freshest. The result? A delicious cheese with strong hints of caramel and chamomile. It would pair well with Bayonne on a board or with a nice crisp cider.

Swing by the Larder to try all of these cheeses today, and don’t forget to ask your Monger for their favorite! Be sure to tag us in pictures of your Winter cheese board comprised of Larder goodies.

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