Chef Grayson Reps BKLYN Larder on the Untitled Action Bronson Show

This month, our Executive Chef Grayson Schmitz visited Action Bronson on the set of his eponymous Viceland show. His show is infamous for its carefully constructed insanity and delectable debauchery, so we sent Grayson off with a "good luck!" and a platter of our best BKLYN Larder meats, cheeses, and spiced nuts. 

You'll have to watch the episode yourself to see all the antics, but we can tell you that Grayson absolutely killed it with her dishes. For starters, she made a bitter greens salad with shaved persimmon, goat cheese, our house-made pickled red onion and spiced candied nuts, all lightly dressed in warm bacon vinaigrette. Then, after a few drinks (and perhaps some other intoxicants...), Grayson served Action and the crew some braised beef cheeks with aligote potatoes, brasato sauce, gremolata & toasted hazelnuts. Definite winner. 



This episode airs on Wednesday, Jan. 31st at 11:30pm on VICELAND. Watch via this link