​Four Sweet Summer Pairings You Need Now

​Four Sweet Summer Pairings You Need Now

16th Jun 2019

Summer is all about relaxing and indulging, so we’ve come up with our four favorite sweet pairings you can try all summer long.

1. Brabander with BRINS Strawberry Lemongrass jam and Aida Turmeric Cracker

Our top-selling cheese, L’Amuse Brabander is goat’s milk gouda well-loved for its creamy, fruity, and slightly sweet flavor notes. We like to cut through the creaminess with a little tang from the Strawberry Lemongrass jam from BRINS. Plus, if you really want to up the sweet-tones on this pairing, try serving it on an Effie's Cocoacake. A riff on a Effie's classic Oatcake, the Cocoacake is Larder’s go-to when making sweet cheese boards.


2. Hazelnut Gelato with JQ Dickinson Burnt Caramel Sauce

Our Hazelnut Gelato starts with carefully sourced and lightly roasted hazelnuts. Combined with dairy from Battenkill creamery and a little pastry chef magic, it all turns into a silky, nutty, and incredibly addictive gelato. We suggest pairing scoops of our Hazelnut Gelato with some JQ Dickinson Burnt Caramel Sauce (warmed, of course), and perhaps a sprinkling of finishing salt on top.


3. Comte Reserve with Tibito 70% Tumaco Chocolate Bar

Comte with dark chocolate is a well-known pairing, but we believe using Comte Reserve, which is aged longer (therefore nuttier and sweeter), and Tibito’s Tumaco bar results in a truly heavenly bite. The Tumaco bar has notes of ripe banana, juice cane and hazelnuts, with finishing notes of honey and almonds. All things that play extra-nice with our Comte Reserve.

4. BKLYN Larder Olive Oil Cake with Balsamela drizzle

Our take on the classic Oil & Vinegar pairing. We loved this pairing so much that we’ve even created a gift box out of it- but if you’re making it at home, we suggest slightly toasting slices of the Olive Oil cake in a skillet with a touch of butter before topping off with a drizzle of the Balsamela. Salty, buttery, sweet, and tangy all in one bite.  

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