How to make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich and Sauce | Bklyn Larder

How to make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich and Sauce | Bklyn Larder

20th Jul 2019

Ahhh, the quintessential American breakfast sandwich. It’s easy to understand why the breakfast sandwich has become so ubiquitous in the states (think of McDonald’s breakfast-all-day menu): it’s hearty, will fuel you for the day, easy to grab-and-go, and so delicious that you’ll be thinking about it even at dinner time. We’ve had a couple classic breakfast sandwiches on the menu (FRIT & S.E.C. anyone?) since the beginning, so we’ve become familiar with the art of constructing the perfect breakfast sandwich. We’ve broken it down to a simple formula (not an exact recipe- because, like we mentioned, making a delicious breakfast sandwich is truly an art) for you to follow, so you can make to-die-for breakfast sandwiches for yourself at home, every day of the week.

1. ) The Foundation: To Toast or To Not Toast

Bread. Whether you like a biscuit or a brioche or even a simple deli hero, we’re strong believers in toasting the bread. It’s a simple matter of adding bite to the sandwich- a slight crunch that’ll act as textural acidity and cut through the layers of fat and protein you’ll soon be adding onto the bread. Plus, it’ll help the bread become more structurally sound, so it’ll be able to hold up all the hearty ingredients. As for the exact type of bread- we’re not picky. Go with a wholesome whole-grain if you’re feeling salubrious, a classic english muffin if you’re feeling nostalgic, or just toast up whatever freezer-bread you have laying around, if time (or ease) is of the essence. P.S. Did you know that we offer gluten-free focaccia as an option in-store? It’s also available for purchase in loaves, if you want to try it at home.

2.) Breakfast Sandwich Sauce: A Tasty Binder

We don’t think there’s anything quite worse than a dry, un-sauced sandwich. Whatever your sauce-of-choice, we suggest smearing down some type of condiment that’ll act as lubrication and a binder, transforming the separate ingredients into one delicious, harmonious mouthful. A no brainer go-to is mayo, but if that’s boring, try mixing it up by adding a dash of hot sauce or diced up pickles. Perhaps you’ll forgo the mayo for some classy pesto-aioli or a light smear of whole-grain mustard. Whatever your pick, we just ask that you don’t commit the unforgivable crime of a dry sandwich. Please.

3.) Can You Really Call It Breakfast Sandwich Without An Egg?

I mean, can you? We’re inclined to answer, “no”. Boiled and sliced, fried sunny-side up, or baked into a scrumptious frittata patty, eggs are such an easy and yummy (and cheap!) way to add an extra punch of protein and healthy fat to your sandwich.

4.) Cheese, Please (and Not Just Because We’re Cheese Mongers)

Our classic breakfast sandwich cheese is Gruyere because it’s pleasantly melt-able, nutty, fatty, and slightly sweet all-at-once. Plus, it has plays an important role of keeping all your other ingredients adhered to each other. If you’re taking the extra time to make your dream breakfast sandwich, don’t skimp on cheese! Add a slice of Comte, Gruyere, or your preferred slice of dairy and let it melt into all the crevices of your delectable sandwich.

5.) The Star of the Show...

For us, it’s our Breakfast Sausage (for obvious reasons). But really, you’re just looking for something that has the potential to be your sandwich’s savory-star. This might be thinly-sliced and heavily-layered roasted turkey, or a sliced avocado sprinkled with chili flakes and smoked sea salt, or pan-fried crispy bacon. Whatever your preferred main ingredient, we suggest layering it closer to the bottom of the sandwich. Placing the heavier, more substantial ingredients near the bottom slice of bread will allow for the sandwich to be more structurally sound.

6.) Finishing Touches

Find that your sandwich is lacking that “oomph”? Try adding a punch of acidity with pickle (we’re partial to pickled red onions) or depth with fresh black pepper (pre-ground pepper just won’t cut it…) or thinly sliced onions. On a health-kick? Add some fresh greens, like frisee, spinach, or good ol’ lettuce. The point is: this is your perfect breakfast sandwich and no one else’s. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you different.

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