Made By Mothers...

Made By Mothers...

5th May 2019

We realized that a lot of the products we proudly showcase at Larder are made by women. Strong, independent, and creative women who often cite both their children and their own mothers as the inspiration and drive behind their businesses. Working mothers are near and dear to the BKLYN Larder team- our store is owned and run by a strong mother (you might've seen Mandy, and on occasion, her son Gavin, behind the cheese counter), and our staff is largely comprised of women- including a few mothers. We thought these amazing moms deserved to be celebrated on Mother's Day, so we put together this "Made by Mothers" gift box- thinking of nurturing, hard working mothers everywhere. 

We reached out to all the makers and artisans represented in this box, asking them to send us a little blurb on how motherhood or their own mothers have influenced their experiences running their businesses. Here's what they had to say: 

Annie’s Ginger Elixir: I have been making Annie’s Ginger Elixir for the last 23+ years to help with sinus and upper respirator infections. Ever since then I have always had a pot of elixir brewing on my stove top. I would drink a cup religiously every day. When my kids or friends got sick I would bring them a batch. Over the years my kids would hear me say “one day I am going to bottle this stuff, sell it and share it with everyone”. As a mother I am proud to have my kids witness me launching a business that I truly believe in after hearing me talk about it for years and years. I hope that I have inspired them to live, chase and make their own dreams a reality!

Big Picture Farm Caramels: I have a fiercely independent and passionate 2 year old daughter. She was a little miracle baby, so by the time she came around we were very ready for her! While running a business and balancing being a mother is never easy we feel incredibly blessed to have the backdrop of the farm for her to grow up on. She has an intimate knowledge of where her food comes from and the hard work it takes. She fights me in the evening because she 'wants to keep gardening'. In addition, a dairy farm is a unique spot for mothers as all of our goat ladies are also mothers, and we treat this as the gift that it is and make sure all the ladies are not separated from their kids. One of my favorite parts of our herd is seeing many generations of ladies, grandmothers, daughters, mothers, great granddaughters sleeping in piles together. These are bonds that last throughout their entire life - even in the goat kingdom!

Effie’s: Effie MacLellan, Joan's mother and inspiration for Effie's Homemade, grew up on a small farm in a village called Margaree on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Effie's stories of this rural and rugged community evoke images of simple, honest times when farming was a way of life and Scotch Gaelic was spoken at home. It was here that Effie learned to bake oatcakes from her mother in a wood-fired, cast iron oven following a family tradition passed on from mothers to daughters for generations. Oatcakes were a staple in farmhouse pantries, always on hand should neighbor, friend or family drop by for a visit. After marrying and settling in Boston, Effie continued the tradition and made oatcakes for her growing family. Word spread quickly in the Dorchester neighborhood whenever "Mrs. MacIsaac" baked. The neighborhood kids knew well that her children would soon join them with stacks of delicious oatcakes carefully wrapped in napkins and ready to share. Today Effie enjoys oatcakes with a cup of tea in the afternoon, happy knowing that the tradition continues.

Potter’s Crackers: Nancy started Potter's Crackers with her son Peter and being a mother/son team has been an amazing experience. Having Potter's Crackers has brought them even closer over the years and has helped Peter work himself through three degrees for Food Science, Business, and Law. Watching her son grow personally and professionally has been worth the journey. On top of having the business with Peter, she has a daughter Greta and two granddaughters Olive and Penny. Greta has started her own business doing custom sprinkles for baking. They also owned the New Glarus Bakery for close to 25 years so bakery and food seem to run in their blood. Nancy enjoys being a grandma very much. She frequently spends time with her grand kids, attending their plays, going to camp and helping them sell girl scout cookies. Having kids and grand kids drives Nancy to produce wholesome and certified organic products only. This is not only for the personal health of the next generation, but also for the health of the land that we are responsible for leaving in better shape for the generations to follow.

Sam’s Granola: My grandmother used to make these extremely delicious, nourishing oatmeal drop cookies. I loved getting down to the bottom of the jar and eating the broken pieces. Our granolas are an homage to her, and those cookies.

Sohha: Angela Mualem Fout is the Founder and COO of Sohha Savory. As a child growing up in Lebanon, Angela learned from her mom to cook wholesome food, using fresh fruits and vegetables from their land. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Angela was an Adjunct Professor in NYC. She has a master’s degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She told us, "Being a mother has taught me how important it is to instill what real clean healthy food is to my daughter Savana. I constantly teach and remind her about building good eating habits that will have a long-term positive influence on her well being- mentally, emotionally, and physically."

We feel lucky, at BKLYN Larder, to work with such amazingly strong-spirited, independent, and creative women. We consider each and every artisan represented on our shelves as part of the extended Larder family. It's why we're so passionate about our products and the selection we offer. We're proud to support these women, and we hope you feel the same! 

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