Meet Our New Digital Content Manager!

Meet Our New Digital Content Manager!

7th Sep 2019

Ever wondered who’s the face behind our newsletters, social media, and this blog?

Hi there! My name is Emily and I am the new Digital Content Manager here at the Larder! I am taking over this position as our beloved Moonui, our last DCM, is onto pursuing her next adventure. She has completely transformed our website and various media outlets over the last couple of years and she will surely be missed.

A little about me…

I am a recent grad and NYC transplant. I studied photography and metals in school, while also being a project manager for a marketing agency. I spent a lot of time studying food culture with a research grant I was fortunate enough to receive. With the funds, I co-founded a weekly potluck meal in my community. Outside of my studies and work, I spent a lot of time fundraising for my local children’s hospital, giving me many invaluable experiences with some of the most genuine people I have ever met. To put it simply; I love marketing, I love people, and I love food.

At the Larder I am really excited to further expand our social media outreach (anyone have a Pinterest?!) and to help further build the community that exists around this place and our Larder Family. Food is a common ground amongst all people and I want to help provide interesting content to everyone—whether you’re interested only our catering services or you do all of your grocery shopping with us.

Moving forward...

I am aware that I have some big shoes to fill and I want to help cater our content to you and your interests. Here is a short survey that will help me make these blogs more interesting to you, and that will help me curate the emails you receive from us.

Help me help you and fill out this survey!

A fond farewell from our owner...

Since I purchased the Larder in 2016, I’ve had the good fortune of working with the best people on our social media. HI Mia! Mia, and then Moonui, started working on the counter and became the best storytellers we could imagine.

Moonui went on to run our mail order program, and eventually our entire website, too. She’s become indispensable. She’s literally bailed us out of rainstorms, short shifts on the counter, and a million other things that keep this place humming.

Most importantly, she gave our food a visual identity and photographed it with a lot of love. She established what became an iconic visual for us–a set of well manicured, usually tattooed hands gently holding up our favorite foods. So while you may miss those tattoos holding an appetizing cookie in your insta feed, we will miss her in so many ways. Let's all wish Moon the best as she moves on and welcome Emily. We can’t wait to see how she captures our food and tells the Larder story in new delectable ways.

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