Meet the Makers: Brooklyn Queen Honey

Meet the Makers: Brooklyn Queen Honey

26th Feb 2020

Margot Dorn is the owner and maker of Brooklyn Queen Honey, a small-batch honey business based right out of Brooklyn. Margot’s honey comes from bees in four hives in the Hart to Hart Community Garden. The honey is an experiment focused on natural processes that can occur in the city. Margot’s honey business is all about collaboration and fostering a sense of community. The bees feed off of the flowers that are cared for by the other gardeners; the bees return the favor by helping pollinate the garden. In addition to the natural collaboration that is occurring; Margot also works with adolescents through a mentorship program that teaches them both about the science of beekeeping and about running your own business.

When you taste the honey you'll be able to taste the blossoms of all her gardener friends, and all the flowers from the trees and weeds of summer. It's intensely floral and complex. Supermarket honey will never compare! This Saturday, 2/29 from 2-4 right here at the Larder, Margot will be sampling out some Brooklyn Queen honey alongside our favorite cheeses. Swing by to talk to her about gardening in the city, what being a beekeeper is like, and about the intense flavors that her honey has! 

Image Copyright: @meganmartinphoto

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