New Product Spotlight: Bake-At-Home Frozen  Croissants

New Product Spotlight: Bake-At-Home Frozen Croissants

8th Mar 2018

Our Pastry Chef Clio gets to BKLYN Larder early each morning, around 6:30, to make sure all the croissants, biscuits, and pastries are freshly baked and lookin' pretty in our pastry case for our early bird customers. 

Of all our baked goods, our croissants are most prone to sell out during the day. Known for their immaculate deep, brown color, delicate yet firm crunch, and that ever-so-satisfying hearty and savory middle, it's easy to see why!

Not any ol' croissant can possess the qualities listed above. We've spent weeks developing a recipe and baking process that fulfills our very stringent expectations of a perfect pastry. 

Our Larder croissants are made with a mix of all-natural Farmer Ground Spelt Flour and Farmer Ground All-Purpose Flour from our good friends at Finger Lake Farms. This special flour blend allows for a heartier, firmer, and crunchier croissant. To keep the dough light and flaky, we only use Plugra butter in our croissant dough. This European-style of butter has a much higher fat content than other butters, making that extra flaky exterior and dense, chewy interior we've all come to love. 


Once the dough has been formed, it gets to rest until folding time. Larder croissants are made with three folds, instead of the average two. This adds an extra layer, which translates into hundreds of extra layers within the dough; thin layers of Plugra butter getting trapped in-between the Farmer Ground Flour layers. The entire folding process takes the whole morning, as the dough is allowed to rest an hour between each folding session. 


When finished, the dough is measured, cut, and shaped to form each of our croissants. Chef Adriana is shown above shaping the dough into our chocolate croissants. 

Below left, our plain croissants are resting on a baking sheet, just glazed with egg wash, and patiently waiting to be placed in the oven. Once the croissants are placed in the oven, our entire kitchen begins to fill with the unmistakable smell of browning butter. After just 14 minutes, the croissants are done and are pulled out to rest in our baking rack. Below right, shows are just finished croissants in all their beauty!


This week, for the first time ever, our croissants hit the floor in an all-new frozen edition! Our Pastry team has done the hard work (it's what they do best!) of forming and shaping the perfect dough for our Larder croissants. We then freeze the croissants to hand off to you. You get to do all the fun stuff: baking the croissants straight from the comfort of your kitchen, watching them rise, and smelling the butter browning through the oven door! Enjoy them while they're still hot and fresh! Or invite your friends and impress them with home-baked croissants. Or turn this into a fun baking event with your children. The possibilities are quite literally endless. 

Come stop by the store and take some home today! 

These little nuggets of joy come pristinely pre-shaped by our Pastry team. Simply place the croissants on the sheet tray you will bake on and allow to defrost in the refrigerator overnight. Take out and let rise at room temperature for one hour before baking. Whisk together one egg and a bit of water to create an egg wash. Gently brush each croissant with your egg wash. Bake at 400F for ten minutes. Turn down oven to 375F and bake for 15min more. Check for that rich brown coloring on the crust, and when satisfied, take out of the oven and let cool! 


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