Our New Pastrami Sandwich's Secret Ingredient...

Our New Pastrami Sandwich's Secret Ingredient...

18th May 2019

If you’ve been in the store recently, you might’ve noticed the new Pastrami sandwich on the menu. We quietly rolled it out a couple of weeks ago, without any fanfare- we knew the sandwich could speak for itself.

Our new Pastrami sandwich is truly an example of: use delicious ingredients and you can’t go wrong. It’s a sandwich that supports all our beliefs: quality, artisanal ingredients made by small, independent (and often local) businesses. It all starts with the Brooklyn Cured pastrami: we’d been searching for a delicious pastrami for so long and once we tasted Brooklyn Cured, we knew we had to create a sandwich that perfectly complemented its flavor.

The beef is honey-brined until tender and succulent, then coated in a coriander crust and smoked for 5 hours, until it’s just-so tender. We thinly slice the pastrami, then set it aside while we prepare the rest of the sandwich.

We take Rye bread from Il Forno (a father and daughter team baking out of the Bronx), and smear a thin layer of A. Bauers mustard on each side. A. Bauers is a local, family-run business- made by the Bauer family, straight out of Queens, since 1888. The A. Bauers mustard lays somewhere delightfully between a dijon and a classic yellow- providing the slight sharpness to contrast with the pastrami. Though, if you’re making this at home and prefer a seedier mustard- we’ve found that the Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. IPA mustard pairs up just as well.

The pastrami is carefully layered onto the mustard-ed rye bread, then- our secret ingredient: the organic Garlic Kraut from Real Pickles.

When we first sampled the Garlic Kraut, we all crowded around the jar- quite literally eating it by the spoonful, straight-up. It’s almost impossible to believe the kraut is composed of just four ingredients: Northeast grown cabbage, filtered water, garlic, and unrefined sea salt. It’s powerfully garlicky, mouth-wateringly tangy, and so satisfyingly crunchy. If you take away one thing from this post- know that this Garlic Kraut is an absolute must try.

We take generous spoonfuls of the kraut and spread it evenly over the pastrami. Over the kraut, we lay down slices of Gruyere (real, Gourmino Gruyere made in the Fribourg region of Switzerland- none of that tasteless supermarket cheese!), then top with the other slice of rye bread. The whole sandwich gets toasted until gooey and melty, then sliced in half, and served with a knowing smile. 

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