Our New Spring Salads, Dissected.

Our New Spring Salads, Dissected.

26th May 2019

If you’ve been a long-time customer of BKLYN Larder, you know that our house-made salads, ready to be sold by weight on our marble counter, are some of our classic dishes. Whether you’re a vegetarian, sticking to a keto-friendly diet, or simply looking to add a splash of healthy color into your meals, our salads have become a staple of many of our customers’ daily meals.

Since we like to stick to local, seasonal ingredients, we tend to switch up our salad menu (save some key year-around favorites, like the Orzo Salad and Marinated Greens) as the new season rolls around.

Perhaps the best example of this is our new Beets & Rhubarb salad: candy-pink beets and pleasantly tart rhubarb marinated in sherry vinegar, pomegranate molasses, a touch of maple syrup, and finished with toasted sunflower, sesame, and poppy seeds. The beets are so ripe, almost meaty, and the toasted seeds provide a balanced nuttiness to offset the sweet, tangy-ness of the pomegranate marinade.

Our Asparagus and Spring Onion also takes advantage of Brooklyn’s Spring produce, taking perfectly ripe and flavorful asparagus and spring onion, lightly pan-roasting them to bring out their natural sweetness. The roasted veggies are then gently coated in a lemon, caper, anchovy, and tarragon dressing. This salad champions the naturally earthy and savory flavors of the asparagus and spring onion.

If you’re on a healthy-kick, our Wheat Berry salad is the one for you. Wheat berries are basically whole wheat kernels; cooked, they look much like brown rice and are loaded with protein, iron, and fiber. When prepared properly, wheat berries are satisfyingly chewy and nutty. We pair the wheat berries with two types of pea (sugar snap and blue snow), microgreens, and pistachios, for extra texture and nuttiness. Everything gets dressed in our house-made ramp and spinach pesto, a light drizzle of vinegar, and a healthy handful of basil and mint.

Sometimes we get inspired by the products on our shelves- artisanal preserves and sauces made by independent producers, often located right here in Brooklyn. Our new Chimichurri Roasted Carrots is an example of this. We fell in love with Choripan’s Chimichurri- made with all raw, fresh ingredients and incredibly vibrant and flavorful. We knew that this chimichurri would be the perfect addition to the season’s sweet carrots- so we tried it out. Slightly roasted carrots tossed with Choripan Chimichurri and a dash of honey- nothing else. It’s quickly become a store favorite.

If you’re more of a grab-n-go type person, we have our new Spring Peas and Microgreens salad ready-to-go in clamshells for you. Topped with a jammy egg, dollops of fresh ricotta, and paired with a yogurt-y dressing, it’s your ideal healthy, spring salad for the office or home. 

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