Our Secret to Making Marinated Greens

Our Secret to Making Marinated Greens

27th Apr 2019

Our marinated greens are pretty much a staple on the Larder salad menu. Best served at room temperature, the greens (ranging from kale to broccoli rabe- depending on what’s fresh and seasonal at the moment…) are ever-so-slightly crisp and lightly dressed in a zingy, tangy marinade.

We’d like to think that it’s the perfect side at on picnic on a hot, summer Brooklyn day. Paired with a crisp beer and a bit of our orzo salad, it’s refreshing, satisfying, and filling all at once.

Our marinated greens follow our philosophy of “incredible ingredients, simply prepared”, so the flavor of the produce can really shine through.

We start by making the marinade. The secret here is to take your time “blooming” the garlic. Blooming is the process of gently frying herbs/aromatics/spices in oil to deepen and intensify their flavor. This happens because many herbs and spices contain fat-soluble components, so the flavor is extracted into the oil when heated. It’s a quick, easy way to add extra flavor to your dishes!

Thinly slice a few cloves of garlic and heat (low heat, please) them in a frying pan with EVOO until translucent. Take off heat and add a couple chile de arbol to the oil. Let sit until cool.

In the meantime, blanch your favorite greens! Again, at BKLYN Larder, we tend to favorite kale, broccoli rabe, and bok choy. Make sure to blanch the greens only slightly. You want them to be somewhat cooked, but retain their crispness and vibrant color.

Season your garlic-chile-oil with lemon juice, lemon zest, and salt & pepper. Taste and adjust ingredients until you are pleasantly satisfied. Toss the marinade with the greens, and you’re done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Take advantage of the Spring/Summer produce and play around with this recipe! If you’re not much of a kitchen person, you can always, of course, stop by BKLYN Larder to grab this salad on-the-go. It might not hurt to add some cheese, craft ciders, prosciutto, cookies, and baguettes to the basket while you’re at it- all the makings of a wonderful Brooklyn picnic.

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