​Six Easy Larder Meal Ideas, with colors spanning the entire #PRIDE rainbow.

​Six Easy Larder Meal Ideas, with colors spanning the entire #PRIDE rainbow.

9th Jun 2019

As Pride Month gets closer, get ready to celebrate the awesome parties and parades with amazing food ideas. At Bklyn Larder we have thought of a complete menu: 6 Easy Recipes that will span the entire #Pride rainbow.

1.) Red: Tomato Sauce, Meatballs, and Parm.

What’s more classic than a good, homey plate of pasta and meatballs? To make this dish, we used Molino e Pastificio pasta, which is made with Semolina flour and durum wheat (allowing for extra nuttiness and better texture), and topped it off with our house-made tomato sauce and meatballs. Our meatballs are made with veal, fatty pork, lots of lemon zest, breadcrumbs made from Bien Cuit and Amy’s baguettes, and a very generous amount of Parmigiano Reggiano. They’re extremely savory, juicy, and bright (thanks to the cheese and lemon zest)- and they’ve even been featured on the Today show!


We top off the whole dish with an extra, last-minute grating of Parmigiano Reggiano and a few picks of basil.

2.) Orange: Pimento Dip and Crostini

Our Pimento Dip and crostini is a pairing we bring to every picnic and summer party. The pimento dip is made with cream cheese and pimento peppers (of course), McClure’s Spicy Pickles (including the brine), and extra sharp cheddar. We season the dip with paprika, pepper, and salt. It’s creamy, spicy, and salty all at once- so it doesn’t need much else. Though sometimes, we’ll take extra crispy bacon, crumble it, and use it as savory sprinkles on top of the dip, but only when we’re feeling extra naughty…

3.) Yellow: Orzo Salad

Our Orzo Salad is a staple on our marble counter. Our orzo salad is made with crumbled feta, pickled raisins, scallions.

4.) Green: Ramp & Arugula Pesto and Roasted Asparagus

Our Asparagus salad is delicious enough on its own, but if you want a flavor bomb- try tossing it in our Ramp & Spinach pesto. Our pesto starts with lightly toasted pistachios, which get blended with ramps, spinach, pecorino, and a dash of salt. We slowly drizzle in Arbequina Olive Oil to achieve a slightly textured, yet easily spreadable pesto consistency.

5.) Blue-ish: Almond Butter & Blackberry Farm Blackberry Jam

We have a few regulars that come in every morning for an open-faced Almond Butter & Jelly sandwich. With good reason too- it’s filled with healthy fats, protein, fiber, with a touch of indulgent sweetness. It’ll keep you full and energized, ready to start your day. Our multigrain toast gets topped with our house-made Almond Butter, BRINS Strawberry Rhubarb jam, and a light sprinkle of Maldon Sea Salt. If you’re looking to experiment at home, the Blackberry Farm Blackberry jam is another house go-to favorite.

6.) Purple: Beet dip Sando

To finish off our list: Our new Beet & Ricotta Sandwich! We take our Beet & Ricotta dip (made with roasted beets, za’atar, garlic, olive oil, a touch of maple syrup, and topped with poppy seeds), spread it on the bottom of the lightly toasted, garlic-rubbed ciabatta. Then, we spoon on the sauteed fennel, toasted pistachio, and herb mix onto the layer of dip. We top it off with some spinach tossed in salt, oil, and lemon juice and cut in half to serve. 

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