Three Beer & Cheese Pairings Your Dad Will Love

Three Beer & Cheese Pairings Your Dad Will Love

9th Jun 2019

Father’s Day is all about pampering your Dad, so instead of gifting socks and calling it a day, go all out and surprise him with a cheese-spread, complete with beer pairings. It’s a food gift you know he’ll love.

1. Paloma Gose & Boerenkaas

We’re obsessed with the Paloma Gose-style ale from Schafly. It’s extremely crisp, dry, and pleasantly carbonated - perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot Brooklyn day. Its notes of grapefruit, lime, tequila, and sea salt cut right through the creamy, sweet-caramelly flavors of the Boerenkass, a 9-12 month aged raw Cow’s milk gouda.

(Pictured above is Falco- another delicious IPA, not Dad Bod- as we were sold out when photo was taken!)

2. Dad Bod & Comte Reserve

Dad Bod is a soft-bellied (ha!), juicy double IPA that’s perfect for your dad’s bod. With refreshing notes of pine, tropical, and tangerine, this hop-forward IPA plays nicely with our Comte Reserve, from Montmorot, France. The Comte Reserve is made with Raw Summer Cow’s milk and is aged for between 2-3 years. The summer milk and aging time produces a much fruitier, butterier Comte.

3. Abandoned Hopped Hard Cider & Humble

The Abandoned Dry Hopped Hard Cider has a nose of lemon peel and honeydew melon. It’s fruity, hoppy, and grassy notes best complements Parish Hill Creamery’s Humble. Humble is a whole cow’s milk tomme, aged about 3 months. The rind is washed with hard cider, and the cheese develops vegetal, earthy notes as it continues to age. We also suggest drizzling a little honey onto the cheese!  

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