Three Little Figs Jam




Three Little Figs was born out of their deep love of cheese and cured meats. All of their flavors are carefully crafted to bring life to your cheese and charcuterie boards. Indulge with the following flavors:

Balsamic Fresh Fig: Fresh local figs, aged balsamic, and a hint of rosemary make this jam a standout. An essential addition to any cheese presentation, Balsamic Fresh Fig brings out the flavors of most artisan cheeses. Also try as a glaze on salmon or pork.

Puddletown Pub Chutney: Features apples and onions which are slow simmered in an espresso stout with cider vinegar, brown sugar, molasses, mustard seeds and currants. This is the perfect accompaniment to cheddar cheese and brats.

Quince Honey Rosemary: Organic quince and raw wildflower honey give a delicate floral top note, while rosemary provides an herbal finish. An obvious choice for manchego.

Watermelon Sriracha and Chili Jam: Inspired by the Los Angeles food carts. Hermiston melons, famous for their sweetness, are given a spicy heat for a taste of summer all year round. Use in place of a jalapeno jelly.

French Onion Confit: Slow cooking is the key to this decadent onion spread. Local sweet and red onions meld with thyme, white wine and brandy giving you all the flavors of french onion soup.

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