Tin Mustard was born from a passion shared among 3 friends led by Tin Dizdarevic who had created the recipe initially as a hobby - to have something natural, flavorful, and memorable to serve with his dishes. Tin is a classically trained chef with over four years of working under Tom Colicchio and Akhtar Nawab at the award-winning Craft restaurant.

Tin Mustards's dry mustard blend combines the traditional mustard powder with cracked yellow and brown mustard seeds and a unique spice blend of additional spices that includes turmeric and coriander and sea salt from California. Packed in a beautiful 4oz tin container.

Try it on everything from chicken wings, stews, cheese straws, fried chicken and even veggie dishes, like eggplant salad...it's definitely a winner!

Need help making your turkey stand out during Thanksgiving? Get a tin of dry mustard blend and use it in the rub or marinade for your turkey and the guests will thank YOU!

Did we mention turmeric?


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