Two Chicks Beef Jerky




Women-owned, gluten-free, and high in protein. Two Chicks Jerky offers unforgettable goodness in every bite.

This delicious classic flavor jerky is made with 100% Grass Fed Beef and honey rather than processed sugar. You’ll enjoy the taste and texture of this refined jerky that’s not too sweet and not too moist… just pure, quality beef with garlic and black pepper, brightened with lime. 

Carne Asada
This jerky take on carne asada is unlike anything you’ve had before. They take cilantro, orange juice, lime, jalapeños, cumin, garlic and tomato sauce, marinade it to perfection and cook it all together until it’s tender and delicioso!

Classic beef jerky with a spicy habanero kick! 1 oz bag.

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