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Kristina Graeber, General Manager

Kristina Graeber, who hails from Southern California, grew up eating healthy, wholesome food. From her grandmother's ragu to her mother's granola, an appreciation for fresh ingredients and slow cooking was instilled from an early age. She worked her way through college and grad school waiting tables, slinging drinks and generally making people feel at home in bars and restaurants all over this city, but she hung up the apron to pursue a career in textile sourcing. Throughout her 8 years in the fashion industry, she always thought fondly about her days in hospitality, yearning for something more local and sustainable. She has found that sense of community and a shared passion for great food at Bklyn Larder, and she loves discovering new tastes every day! When she's not at the Larder, you can find her cruising around on two wheels, in search of a good sip, a nice bite or a long stretch!


Mandy Wynn, Proprietor

Mandy hails from a family of expert entertainers, and she’s long been honing her skills as a cook and host via private lessons with local chefs and plenty of party-throwing practice. For the first fifteen years of her professional career, Mandy focused on leadership and business development, most recently for an independent school on the Upper West Side. That work centered on building community and nurturing connections among people. Mandy believes that food -- preparing it and sharing it with others -- is one of the most genuine ways to do both those things. She became the proprietor of Bklyn Larder at the start of 2017, combining her professional experience with her greatest passions. This move made perfect sense: Mandy’s been a Larder regular from the day the shop opened in 2009. She’s consulted with her brothers, who own a family of restaurants on the west coast. And she’s helped several organizations grow and thrive while holding on to the key qualities that make them special and unique. She’s excited to do the same for Bklyn Larder.


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