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Xilli is a collection of authentic, artisanal Mexican salsas, moles, escabeches and adobos handmade in Brooklyn, in small batches, using the freshest ingredients and the most conscientious methods.

A staple of any authentic Mexican kitchen, “xilli” is the original Nahuatl term for chili (chile in Mexico). Chili remnants have been found in pottery from Puebla and Oaxaca, dating its use and cultivation as far back as 3000 BC.

Choose your flavor: 

-Salsa Macha: In Nahuatl culture, the term macho has a meaning separate from the Spanish term and can be translated as “one who is worthy of imitation,” or “enlightened one”. This Salsa is macha for machos. Vigorous, fierce and courageous. Slowly fried chipotles and toasted peanuts in a smoky “xilli” (chili) oil.

-Mole Poblano: The origin of the name reveals its prehispanic roots: ‘mole’ or ‘molli’ means ‘sauce’ in indigenous Nahuatl. Xilli’s Mole Poblano contains 30 different ingredients and takes 5 days to make. A preparation honoring ancient Mexican traditions. 

-Chipotles Adobados: Sweet and tart braised Moritas. In Nahuatl, chilpocli or XILLpocli means Chili (xilli), smoked (pocli), while Adobados can be translated as in adobo sauce, usually made with ground dry peppers, spices herbs and vinegar. Ours comes braised until almost “spreadable.” Slightly tart and sweet, super smoky and supremely spicy.


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