Parmigiano Reggiano - Bertinelli 3030

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Don’t write this one off because of its omnipresence or because the name conjures an unfortunate image of “parmesan” sprinkled over something fast and cheap—our parmigiano is the real deal. 

That being said, its addition to any dish, whether it be a heartwarming lasagna or a fresh summer salad, will lend both richness and depth of flavor. Despite its age, there is a creamy mouthfeel to this parm, with fine crystals that punctuate each warm, toasty, bright, mature bite. Sometimes it is peppery like arugula; occasionally its fruity sweetness rivals that of a pineapple. You’ll have to try it yourself and see!

Country/Region: Reggio-Emilia, Italy

Style: Grana, Pressed

Milk Type: Raw Cow's Milk 

Age: 18-20 months 

Rennet: Animal 

Texture: Hard 

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