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The perfect Brooklyn Breakfast, curated by BKLYN Larder. This gift is filled with all things needed for a satisfying, delicious, artisanal breakfast. A great corporate gift, care package, or general thank-you gift. The Brooklyn Breakfast basket contains: 

-1 Big Spoon Cranberry Cashew Bar: This blends fresh-roasted peanut + cashew nut butter with tart dried cranberries, gluten-free whole grains, non-GMO pea protein, and raw wildflower honey. Especially coveted by Big Spoon's competitive athlete friends, these fiber-rich, high-protein, antioxidant powerhouses are perfect as fuel for intense workouts and post-adventure recoveries, and they're also simply delicious hunger-curbing snacks.

-1 bag of Intelligentsia House Blend: House Blend is designed to showcase the intrinsic sweetness and lively fruit flavors that characterize Intelligentsia's favorite coffees. Milk chocolate, mandarin, and apple are tastes they love and are presented here with high definition clarity.

-1 bottle of Green Wind Maple Syrup, Dark: This maple syrup is made by Green Wind Farm in the maple town capital of the maple county capital of the maple state capital – Vermont. Really. Green Wind Farm makes pure Vermont maple syrup. They also milk 25 Jerseys and produce and preserve most of the food they need for the year in their subsistence gardens and orchard. Each jar is bottled by hand by Pumpkin Village Foods. Pumpkin Village Foods brings the syrup made by Green Wind Farm and lots of other Vermont made products to independent grocers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

-1 bottle of Sam's Granola, State Fair: Small-batch granola made in Brooklyn, and sold in New York City. Made with organic barley, spelt, and rye, and freeze-dried fruits. State Fair is less cereal, more snack. But, we have been known to toss it on a bowl of yogurt and have it for breakfast. The strawberries pack a punch!

-1 jar of BKLYN Larder Almond ButterWe freshly grind carefully sourced almonds to the right consistency and season with salt. That’s it. No weird additives and stabilizers. Almond butter is deliciously nutty and smooth-  ideal for morning toast. 

-1 BKLYN Larder Chocolate BabkaIt’s a New York classic done Bklyn Larder Style! Sweet, yeasty dough twirled with chocolate filling and topped with crumbly streusel. Unlike other babkas, ours has the addition of buckwheat and rye flours in the dough to add a touch of nuttiness. The chocolate in the filling is rich 68% dark chocolate combined with a bit of honey for extra sweetness.

-1 jar of Blackberry Farm's Strawberry Rhubarb jamAll Blackberry Farm products are made using produce from their Farmstead. With a vast number of vegetables from their gardens and foraged goods from their surroundings, their chefs and artisans have the “raw materials” to provide an array of culinary creations. The Strawberry Rhubarb Jam features sweet strawberries balanced with the earthiness of rhubarb. If you are a strawberry jam lover, you have to try this! Look for chunks of real fruit in this one.

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