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Good Luck Mini Farm Animal Toys

These cute little animals, about the size of a penny, playing die or grape, are ready to join your farm. They'll fit in a school farm project or your pocket for a little daily dose of farm cuteness! . Non-toxic and bpa free. 

Mini Goat: Scientific name: capra aegagrus hircus. There are over 200 breeds of domestic goats, and they've been invaluable to farmers and herders since prehistory. They range nearly worldwide, surviving in all but the coldest climates, and their amazing digestive systems let them get by with eating almost anything. Goats may have been the first animal ever domesticated by humans in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia many thousands of years ago.

Mini Pig: Scientific name: sus scrofa domesticus. Pig is the name given to baby hogs, what most people would call piglets. Born in litters of around 12, they will double in size their first week of life and will be weaned within a month. They grow rapidly after that, averaging over a pound per day! History: Pigs are incredible creatures and full of surprises. For instance, pigs are often thought of as slow, plodding creatures, but they can run a mile in seven minutes. They are considered dirty, yet they keep their homes clean by making their toilet area as far as possible from where they sleep and eat. Scientific name: sus scrofa domesticus.

Mini HolsteinScientific name: bos taurus.  Migrants traveling through Europe 2000 years ago came across what would eventually become the Netherlands, a cold, northern country with limited natural resources. They needed a cow that could survive and thrive in that setting, so they bred types together, the black batavians and the white friesians. Now, when people think of dairy cows, they often imagine the resulting Holstein with their distinctive black-and-white markings. Holsteins are far and away the most prodigious milk producers in the United States.  

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