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Vista Hermosa Totopos Tortilla Chip

Freshly baked tortillas have a very short lifespan, after some time they become dry and tough. In order not to waste them, the Maya and peoples throughout Mexico allow the tortillas to dry, then fry them making a delicious, crunchy corn snack. Vista Hermosa makes Non-GMO totopos the same way as you would find in the markets of Mexico. they hand cut and carefully fry fresh, organic corn tortillas in sunflower oil and then dust them with salt and chile powder -- never made from corn meal or corn flour. 

9 oz bags

Sea Salted:  Simple and Classic

Spicy Red Corn: The Classic with Sesame & PoppySeeds, and hints of Onion, Rosemary, Salt, Garlic, Paprika, and Red Pepper.

Blue Corn (with a flash of lime): Dusted with sugar, cinnamon, and hints of rosemary and salt.


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