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Queen Majesty Hot Sauce

Queen Majesty Hot Sauces, handmade in small batches in NYC since 2013, are 100% plant based with hand selected ingredients. All-natural, original, and award-winning recipes are OU Kosher, gluten free, non GMO, and without added sugar or unnatural preservatives.

Cocoa Ghost Hot Sauce - As seen on Hot Ones Season - Rich black cocoa powder combines with luscious pineapple, chipotle, and ghost pepper for a sweet, smoky depth and a great, lingering heat. Perfect on tacos, burgers, and more, or mix it with your favorite BBQ sauce to make it sing! 🌮🍔🫔 HEAT LEVEL = HOT! INGREDIENTS: White vinegar, pineapple juice, sweet onions, ghost peppers, habanero peppers, ginger root, garlic cloves, pineapple, dried plums, jet black cocoa, chipotle pepper, pasilla pepper, extra virgin olive oil, salt & spices.
Jalapeño Tequila & Lime: Fresh green jalapeños, silver agave tequila and ripe lime juice combine with crisp green apple and whole garlic cloves for a medium bright sweet heat. INGREDIENTS: White vinegar, fresh jalapeño peppers, sweet onions, raw apple cider vinegar, lime juice, white tequila, garlic cloves, green apple, ginger root, extra virgin olive oil, salt & spices.

Scotch Bonnet & Ginger: A medium  vibrant slow-burning heat with the brightness of ginger and lemon. INGREDIENTS: White vinegar, sweet onions, orange bell peppers, fresh scotch bonnet peppers, fresh habanero peppers, lemon juice, ginger root, extra virgin olive oil, salt and spices.

Red Habanero & Black Coffee: Featured on Season 3 of Hot Ones, this flavor uses twice the amount of peppers as their other offerings for an intense heat.  Coffee lends a gentle smoky darkness.  INGREDIENTS: Fair trade coffee-infused white vinegar, fresh red bell peppers, sweet onions, fresh red habanero peppers, raw apple cider vinegar, garlic cloves, extra virgin olive oil, ginger root, salt & spices.
Ancho Habanero Hot Sauce Powder: This original recipe can be used for sweet or savory and is READY TO SHAKE on all of your favorite foods for extra flavor & heat enhancement. Try it on fruit, elote, roasted vegetables, pizza, popcorn, drinks, ice cream... everything! 🥭🌽🍿 SWEET OR SAVORY HEAT LEVEL = HOT This also a great travel-friendly hot sauce, bring it with you! DRIED INGREDIENTS: Ancho pepper, habanero pepper, lemon peel, ginger root, kosher salt, black peppercorn, royal cinnamon & spices- 3.5oz
Gift Set - Can't decide?  Try all four flavors for the price of three!


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