Cheese of the Month | May 2022 - BKLYN Larder

Cheese of the Month | May 2022

Cheese of the Month | May 2022 - BKLYN Larder
May 2022 Cheese of the Month is available now, and will be shipped out the third Wednesday or Thursday of the month. There are three types of boxes available, just cheese, cheese & chocolate, and cheese & meat! Depending on the box you have selected, you will receive a combination of the cheese and/or chocolate & meat below.

Spring isn’t just around the corner anymore– it’s here! Celebrate Spring and Mother’s Day with the creamy, floral, and sweet!

Roelli Cheese Haus & Crown Finish Caves, Crown Jewel: (Included in all three boxes)
A classic cheese from famed creamery Roelli Cheese Haus in Wisconsin, then aged in Brooklyn at Crown Finish Caves. With its easily meltable texture, the Crown Jewel finds itself on our Grilled Cheese, where the sweet and buttery notes are complemented by buttery bread and sweet jam. A lovable and classic cheese, delicious on a board or melted into a dish. Made with unpasteurized cows’ milk, and aged for 6+ months. 

Cowgirl Creamery, Mt. Tam: (Included in the Cheese Only Box)
One of Cowgirl Creamery’s iconic cheeses, the Mt. Tam is a rich, triple cream with a pillowy, bloomy rind. With its fudgy core and rich flavor, the firm rind and the buttery pudge combine for layers of delightful texture with notes of mushroom and salted butter. Made with organic pasteurized cow’s milk, and cream using local, organic, and single sourced milk from Straus Family Creamery. Pairs wonderfully with fresh, bubbly beverages such as sparkling wines or ciders, and balances well with a side of sweet honey or jam.

Jacquin, Buchette aux Flores: (Included in all three boxes)
A French goat cheese covered in colorful dried flowers such as rose, cornflower, and marigold petals. Made by Jacquin in the Loire Valley of France, this fresh cheese has a soft and pasty texture with the aroma of flower petals. A clean taste, with notes of citrus and herbs runs throughout this chevre. 

Brooklyn Cured, Sweet Sopressata: (Included in the Cheese & Meat Box)
A dry-cured Italian salami with a classic flavor profile of black pepper, fennel, and garlic. This sweet and traditional salami accompanies any board with its versatility. Made in Brooklyn using meats that are pasture raised, without antibiotics or nitrates. 

Maestri Prosciutto Italiano: (Included in the Cheese & Meat Box)
Italian Prosciutto slow-cured in Parma for at least 400 days. Maestri’s authentic Italian Salumi sources their meats from family run producers and artisans, maintaining their quality over the years. A tender and savory meat that packs an umami punch, pairs beautifully with a variety of flavor profiles.

Cacao Sampaka, Rosas Y Frescas: (Included in the Cheese & Chocolate Box)
Based in Barcelona, Spain, Cacao Sampaka brings us a variety of chocolates, exploring and pushing the boundaries of cacao culture. Rosas y Frescas is a white chocolate base with a gentle aroma of roses, balanced with a slight crunch of strawberries. A sweet and fresh taste for Spring!

Raaka, Hibiscus Cinnamon: (Included in the Cheese & Chocolate Box)
Tart and sweet, this distinctive, limited edition bar is a collaboration of Rakka and the New York Botanical Garden. As a Brooklyn based company, Raaka and the Botanical Garden came together for this delightful fusion of fruits and spice. Each bar has artwork from the historical archives of the Botanical Garden. Enjoy the flavors of fruits and budding Springtime of New York!

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