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Fifth Hammer Brewing

Brewed out of LIC, owners Mary and Chris named their brewery after the story of Pythagoras coming to understand the nature of harmony. At a forge where five men were busy hammering, he found the first four hammers to be beautifully aligned. The fifth, not so much. The fifth hammer is the discordant + indescribable portion of the universe to which we all intentionally turn a blind eye. Their beers, however, are crisp, smooth, and innovative. Nothing to turn a blind eye to.


Marble Slice - 16oz can, 10% ABV - This peanut butter Stout drinks surprisingly light for it's style. A beer brewed with malts that accentuate the grains natural chocolate flavors, and is brewed with peanut butter and lactose to give it that extra smooth drinkability.


Love and Hades - 16oz can, 5.6% ABV - A smoked Helles Lager that has perfect, creamy carbonation, with floral, smokey and oak notes to the malt build. 


No Egrets - 16oz can, 4% ABV -New York State Pale Ale brewed with NY state grown and malted grain from Hudson Valley Malt. A must for those upcoming park and beach days. 

Cloak Spell-16oz 5.8% ABV - Dark Lager

Book of Jawn- 16oz, 5.5% AV - Belgian Style Witbier

Troublesome Jellyfish - 16oz can, 7.5% ABV, India Pale Ale

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