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Masienda Bodega Tortillas

Masienda proudly partners with traditional farmers throughout Mexico to build a more equitable, regenerative and delicious ingredient sourcing model.

Their 6.5" ready-to-eat tortillas aremade with only two ingredients: non-GMO heirloom corn and alkaline water (calcium hydroxide + water). The corn is prepared using an ancient Mesoamerican technique called nixtamalization, providing superior nutrition.  ground using a traditional basalt molino, and pressed for superior flavor and aroma. When properly reheated, these heirloom corn tortillas are thick yet pliable enough to withstand any taco filling (no need to double up on tortillas). Always gluten-free, zero preservatives, and free of sugar and sodium.

10 Tortillas per bag

Heirloom White Corn

Blue Corn

Keep Refrigerated or Frozen.


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