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KCBC Beers

Kings County Brewers Collective, KCBC,  is the first brick-and-mortar brewery to operate in Bushwick, Brooklyn in more than 40 years. The founders share a vision of quality, variety and community around beer drinking.

Superhero Sidekicks: Ripe oranges, fresh pineapple and smooth pine. Citra, Mosaic, Idaho 7, Cascade & Centennial hops combine to deliver a powerful hazy IPA. 4.9% ABV

Beach Zombie: Opaque pale pink ripe guava & juicy strawberry sour with flavors  of pink lemonade, tropical piragua, and strawberry Starburst. 4% ABV

Demon Dragon: Brewed with a base of premium pilsner malt and hopped with 100% Slovenian-grown hops—Sajvinski Goldings, Styrian Bobek, and Styrian Dragon hops. Na Zdravje! 5.2% ABV

Penguins Take Manhattan: A hazy IPA wih Citra, Cashmere & Centennial. Crisp and lemony.5.2% ABV


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