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1605 Manchego

There are less than ten cheesemakers left in Spain making farmstead PDO Manchego artesano with a natural rind like this one brought to us by Essex St. Cheese. 

1605 Manchego is  produced at Finca Sierra de la Solana farm founded in La Mancha, Spain in 1878.  Manchega breed lambs are born on the farm in spring and fall to the quiet playing of Mariachi music and feed on a mix of native grains grown on the farm.

Named for the year Don Quixote was published, 1605 Manchego is made in the same traditions as the cheese eaten by the title character over 400 years ago. 

Country/Region: La Mancha, Spain 

Style: Manchego 

Milk Type: Raw Sheep's Milk  

Age: 6-8 months 

Rennet: Animal 

Texture: Hard 

Pairing: Enjoy with our BKLYN Larder Roasted Almonds, or perhaps drizzle with Merulo Olive Oil and enjoy with Divina Sour Cherry Jam


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