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Fever Tree Sparkling Beverages

Three flavors of Fever Tree Sparkling Beverages using the highest quality of citrus fruits for the refreshing stand-alone drink or the perfectly light spritz. 

Sparkling Pink Grapefruit: Made with handpicked Florida grapefruit that elegantly lies between bitter and sweet. Great for tequila or vodka based drinks. Only 30 calories per serving, let every drink be as refreshingly light as they feel!

Sparkling Lemon: Made with Sicilian lemons and a delicate process of oil extraction to preserve the sweetness of the lemon and its skin. Zingy and sophisticated, great for gin or vodka based drinks, but also alone as a deliciously fresh sparkling lemonade! 

Sparkling Lime & Yuzu:  Made with Tahiti limes from Mexico and Japanese yuzu to balance an elegant floral with a zesty sweetness. A warm-weather favorite or the taste of Spring in a bottle, works harmoniously in 100% agave tequila or vodka.


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