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The recipe for Redhead Hot Sauce originated from years of experimentation in the founder's Brooklyn kitchen with chiles from her balcony garden. A cult following developed organically as friends shared jars of homemade Redhead with other friends.

The original recipe contains 5 varieties of fresh chiles, peaches, ginger, honey and amazing spices from around the world. You will find yourself adding it to savory and sweet dishes, and to your cocktails as well! Choose your flavor: 

-Hot Sauce:  A spreadable blend of chiles, peaches, ginger, honey and spices, it plays well when used in cooking, or can be served right out of the jar. Enjoy Redhead as a chutney, marinade, masala, condiment or dip. Add it to your cocktails!

-Chile Cherrie Hot Sauce: Inspired by the flavors of New York State, Chile Cherry Hot Sauce is a blend of dried sour cherries, apple cider vinegar and maple syrup with jalapeños, ginger and lemon. Use this spicy sauce so many ways from a turkey sandwich, to a cheese plate to vanilla ice cream.

-Fig & Chile Hot Sauce: A delicious fig and balsamic sauce with a gentle kick provided by chiles and ginger! Enjoy it so many ways.. on a cheese plate, on mac & cheese, on a mushroom pizza, on pork, duck, pâté, or even vanilla ice cream!


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