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Bklyn Larder is a celebration of good food. A retail cheese and provisions shop specializing in sustainably produced ingredients, Bklyn Larder has been providing the Park Slope and Prospect Heights community with a welcoming place to find and enjoy hand-crafted cheeses, homemade prepared foods, and hard-to-find grocery items since its opening in June of 2009.

We are a team of dedicated individuals eager to share our knowledge and passion with you and to bring the work of talented international and local producers of cheeses, meats, dairy products, jams, honeys, oils and more to our market.

Bklyn Larder aims to be a positive force in our neighborhood, and that means following an environmentally responsible business model. We use wind power through ConEdison Solutions, our space was designed and constructed using environmentally friendly materials such as soy-based biofoam for insulation and reclaimed materials, our appliances are water and energy-efficient, and all of our packaging is made from recycled materials and/or biodegradable.

Who We Are:   

Mandy Wynn, Proprietor

BKLYN Larder plays a significant role in my life, keeping my family fed when I can’t figure out a home cooked meal, providing gifts for my foodie friends, and catering our 10th wedding anniversary and my husband’s 40th birthday. For both occasions we wanted our loved ones to celebrate with a simple family-style meal that evoked memories and warmth. The Larder delivered.

The Larder was founded in 2009 as part of a family of businesses on Flatbush Avenue from Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg including Franny’s, Marcos, and Roses’ Bar and Grill.  When life pulled them to venture out of the city and try something new, I was inspired to pick up where they left off and took over BKLYN Larder in February of 2017.

Designed to be an outpost providing prepared food on the go and access to products sourced from restaurant vendors and small makers,  we are now celebrating ten years in business. Ten years of cheese twists, chocolate sorbetto, the brightest meatballs you’ll ever taste. Ten years introducing the neighborhood to foods from local makers as well as far-flung artisans whose cheeses, meats and provisions represent the best in class.  

Can you call yourself a neighborhood staple after ten years? I’d like to think so. We’ve seen restaurants and markets come and go, we’ve seen the rise of quinoa and keto and through ownership change and the passing of time, we’ve stayed true to our values.  

BKLYN Larder provides fresh local food, made in small batches, following the seasons with responsible and ethical growing and preparation practices.

BKLYN Larder is a warm friendly place to grab a gift or a bite.

BKLYN Larder champions small businesses and local crafters, often providing their first retail opportunity on our shelves.

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