Beginner Hosting Hacks for the Perfect Party: The Centerpiece - BKLYN Larder

Beginner Hosting Hacks for the Perfect Party: The Centerpiece

Beginner Hosting Hacks for the Perfect Party: The Centerpiece - BKLYN Larder
An edible, gourmet cheese and charcuterie arrangement! You can make one yourself, or get one made by our expert mongers at Larder!

Worried about how the snack table will look? A cheese and charcuterie board with savory, sweet, funky flavors, will brighten up the room and provide snacks for just about everyone! Making your own board is exciting and a fun learning experience. You can customize what you’re looking for in your board and fine tune the details to match your tastes.

Start off with cheese, to build the core of your board. What flavors are you looking for? We recommend mixing up soft and hard cheeses. A classic, beginner-friendly cheese is Prairie Breeze, easily breaking off into lovely little chunks! Pop in a soft cheese, like a Mt Tam, the monger-loved triple cream or the always creamy Nettle Meadow Mini Kunik, finish it off  with a fun, floral cheese for summer, Le Fleur to bring vibrance to the board!

You’ve got your cheeses ready, and now to find some meats to pair! Stay boozy with fun charcuterie from our wonderful borough of Brooklyn, Brooklyn cured Rye Whiskey and Orange Zest Salami, pseudo-Manhattan, a sweet old-fashioned Bourbon Sour Cherry, or a summery Mezcal and Lime! Don’t forget to arrange your meats in an array of roses, rolls, pinnacles and more. Nothing beats an artful and edible arrangement of boozy meats!

For some “healthy” bites, we recommend dried fruits by Dardiman's. Crisp and flavorful, from strawberries to pineapples and figs! Another fruit option we recommend is our BKLYN Larder dried cherries and BKLYN Larder dried apricots. We love having them on any board!

Marcona Almonds and BKLYN Larder Spiced Nuts complete our board with a bit of crunch. (Try putting your Marcona almonds in a dark teak tray like this one for a fun contrast of color!)

Continuing on the fruit theme, we have mini jamsjellies, and honeys, and our BKLYN Larder Crostini so you can make your perfect bite.

A cheese and charcuterie board that is a worthy (and delicious!) centerpiece, full of gourmet snacks and made with endless options for creative designs. Make hosting a breeze with an Insta-worthy board!

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