Cheese of the Month | July - BKLYN Larder

Cheese of the Month | July

Cheese of the Month | July - BKLYN Larder
Are you feeling patriotic? We’re feeling small-batch patriotic! We’re proud of all the small-batch treats that come from around the country and the artisans that make it happen. This month’s Cheese of the Month has an array of American-made cheeses, chocolates, and meats, from California to New York, and everything in between! Can you spot the red-white-and-blue?

For this month's Cheese of the Month boxes, they should arrive on or before the 20th of July.

Roelli Cheese Haus, Red Rock (Included in all three boxes)
This delicious cheddar might be called ‘Red Rock’ but don’t be alarmed from the slight vein that runs through the wheel. The characteristic deep orange hue comes from annatto, with a brilliant contrast to its bloomy, gray rind. Wisconsin is famed for its cheese– especially their cheddar– and Red Rock does not disappoint. This cheddar is aged for 3-6 months, boasting a creamy taste with just a hint of blue.

Jasper Hill Farms, Moses Sleeper (Included in all three boxes)
The bloomy rind of Moses Sleeper might trick you into thinking it’s a classic French Brie, but this soft cheese is all-American and Vermont-made! Made of pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for only 60 days, this cheese oozes with a tender creaminess, bordering on runny. A perfect cheese for the summer months complimented best by a glass of Chardonnay, or light cidre.

Jasper Hill Farms, Bayley Hazen Blue (Included in the Cheese Only Box)
What could be more patriotic than a cheese named after a road commissioned by George Washington? This blue cheese is made with whole, raw cow’s milk, noted by its characteristic veins and fudgy texture. Although a blue, don’t be alarmed– the kick that comes with blue is notably more mild, allowing it to be a great introduction to blue cheeses. For blue cheese lovers, this blue will surprise you with its dichotomy of mellow, earthy notes, with the classic blue taste and a kick of star anise. If you have some honey, appreciate another side of this cheese by trying the blue-honey pairing!

Charlito’s Cocina, Presliced Picante (Included in the Cheese & Meat Box)
A spicy artisan salumi isn’t a new concept– but perfectly balancing the spice without covering up its flavors… now, that’s something special! This salami is seasoned with a blend of chilies and hand-harvested sea salt, with neither overpowering the meat. The meat itself has layers of flavor thanks to the nature of its slow, dry-cured, pasture-raised and heritage bred pork. 

Elevation Artisan Meats, Fennel Pollen Chub (Included in the Cheese & Meat Box)
The spice from this chub doesn’t come from chilies, but in the form of imported Italian Fennel Pollen and local red wine. Fennel pollen became popularized in America through Italian immigrants, famed for its delicate flavor of sweet and savory spice, but notorious for labor in hand-collecting the pollen. Elevation Meats hails from Denver, Colorado, and remains a small-batch salumeria, producing new, modern flavors imbued with classic and old world techniques. 

Dick Taylor Black Fig (Included in the Cheese & Chocolate Box)
On the golden coast, Dick Taylor began as a shared love for craft chocolate and woodworking. As artisans, they understood the love that goes into building a product and the corners that are cut in the industry and highlight their cacao in its most pure form. Their Black Fig bar has a base of their 72% Madagascar blend, with imbued California black mission fig.

Ritual Mocha (Included in the Cheese & Chocolate Box)
Born out of a small kitchen in Colorado, Ritual expanded to become an award winning chocolatier, settling in Utah and sharing their love of craft chocolate. Their love for sustainable and ethical farming, combined with their love of cacao, work together to know they can feel good  about the bean and the bar. The Dark Mocha has a nuanced balance between coffee and chocolate, with Guatemalan coffee, and Ritual’s 60% cacao Mid Mountain Blend. A bar where neither coffee nor cacao overtake the flavor profile but instead sit in harmony. Notes of cherry, almond, coffee, and chocolate.

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