March Cheese of the Month - BKLYN Larder

March Cheese of the Month

March Cheese of the Month - BKLYN Larder

In honor of Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day, March’s selection has a boozy cheese, some classic French styles, and lots of that savory and umami goodness!

March 2022 Cheese of the Month is available now, and will be shipped out the third Wednesday or Thursday of the month. There are three types of boxes available, just cheese, cheese & chocolate, and cheese & meat! Depending on the box you have selected, you will receive a combination of the cheese and/or chocolate & meat below.

Kings Ransom (Cider Washed): (Included in all three boxes)
This popular cheese is made in Wisconsin by Roelli Cheese Haus, then washed and aged at Crown Finish in Brooklyn using Vermont-based Shacksbury Cider. King’s Ransom is a Bier Kase style cows milk cheese that is aged for 3+ months, using traditional rennet and funky Shacksbury Cider to leave a semi-soft cheese with a tangy rind. 

Point Reyes Tomarashi: (Included in all three boxes)
Winner of the Good Food Awards in 2022, the Point Reyes Tomarashi has a rich and buttery, semi-hard texture with striking notes of heat, umami, and nuttiness. To get this unique palette, a Japanese spice blend called Shichimi Togarashi is used. Shichimi Togarashi consists of nori, toasted sesame, poppy seeds, hemp seeds, chili flakes, and ginger to give it that umami and delicate spice. The Tomarashi is a cow's milk cheese, aged for 90 days and sealed with a wax rind. 

Brie du Pomme, Herve Mons: (Cheese Box Only)
A cow's milk cheese with an earthy aroma with mushroom and cauliflower notes, balanced by hints of sweet cream. The Brie du Pomme is one of the most authentic of the French classic brie, with milk sourced from traditional Normande cow, known for its high quality and rich milk that attributes to high protein and its grassy palette. Created by world renowned cheese ager, Herve Mons.

Olympia Provisions Saucisson Sec: (Cheese & Meat Box Only)
Winner of the Good Food Awards, Olympia Provisions brings us the Saucisson Sec. This salami is in a classic French style, seasoned with a bit of kick using fresh garlic and cracked black pepper. 

Agour Bayonne: (Cheese & Meat Box Only)
A traditional French Bayonne ham aged for 12 months. Jamon de Bayonne is a PGI status cured meat, made specifically in the ancient port city of Bayonne, in southwest France, in the basin of the river Adour. A highly prized French delicacy and one of the finest cured meats on the market, this Bayonne ham has a nutty, earthy base with a delicate sweetness and tender texture. 

Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel: (Cheese & Chocolate Box Only)
One of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate’s best selling bars, the Fleur de Sel uses their famed two ingredient 73% Northerner Blend, which combines Brazilian and Madagascan cacao sweetened with Brazilian cane sugar. For the hints of salt that gives this bar its name, hand-harvested Guatemalan sea salt from Bitterman Salt Co. is sprinkled throughout. Handcrafted bean to bar in Eureka, California.

Mast Olive Oil: (Cheese & Chocolate Box Only)
Olive oil in chocolate? A combination that might bring a few looks, but we promise it’s great. The emollient texture of olive oil infused 70% cocoa has hints of salt while retaining its buttery texture. A chocolate bar by Mast that finds its way to a dessert charcuterie board, but also as an unsurprising guest for dinner.


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