Prospect Park Soiree 2022 - BKLYN Larder

Prospect Park Soiree 2022

Prospect Park Soiree 2022 - BKLYN Larder
The time is finally here! After a few summers cooped up, a picnic at Prospect Park sounds like a dream. The Prospect Park Soiree 2022 has just been announced, and we're all excited for June to roll around and enjoy the sun.

Presale tickets are now available on the Prospect Park Soiree website! With March being a bit of a Spring teaser, the peeks of 70F Friday's remind us that Summer is just around the corner. Get your soiree catered by BKLYN Larder, located in Prospect Heights. We deliver to your door, or to the park itself!

More details to come as the weather warms up, and we hope to see a park full of charcuterie picnics!

Check out our current offerings for the soiree!

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