Cheese of the Month | June - BKLYN Larder

Cheese of the Month | June

Cheese of the Month | June - BKLYN Larder

Father's Day, Pride, first day of summer... June has so much to look forward to, and it's only good vibes!

Boxes are shipped out on the third Tuesday of the month and will arrive that Wednesday or Thursday. For this month's Cheese of the Month boxes, they should arrive between the 15th and 16th of June.


Nettle Meadow Farm, Sappy Ewe: (Included in all three boxes)
Hailing from New York’s Nettle Meadow Farm is the award-winning, cute button known as the Sappy Ewe. The Sappy Ewe is a beautiful semi-soft cheese made with pasteurized sheep and cow's milk. The iconic bloomy rind is made of black pine ash and white mold, giving the cheese a mushroomy and earthy profile, with slight maple notes throughout. As a crumbly soft cheese, try pairing it with a jam or a honey.

Roelli Cheese Haus, Little Mountain: (Included in all three boxes)
An award-winning cheese by Roelli Cheese Haus, the Little Mountain is a Wisconsin Alpine made in the Appenzeller style. This Swiss-style cheese has hints of fruitiness with a base of the traditional nutty and grassy notes. Aged for at least 6 months using raw cow’s milk, with a semi-firm texture and smooth taste. We recommend pairing honey and roasted almonds to round out the palette.

Cowgirl Creamery, Pierce Point: (Included in the Cheese Only Box)
A cow’s milk cheese that embodies Spring and the warm nostalgia of California, Pierce Point by Cowgirl Creamery is a seasonal cheese back on Larder shelves. Pierce Point features a bloomy rind with aromatic local herbs and flowers, like chamomile, calendula, and Thai basil. The vibrant colors of the rind of this soft, buttery cheese make it a must for any Summer board. Pair this flavorful cheese with fresh fruit or a subtle olive oil and fleur de sel cracker.   

Olympia Provisions, Loukanika: (Included in the Cheese & Meat Box)
Good Food award-winning salami chub by Olympia Provisions is the Greek-style Loukanika. “Loukanika” is the Greek word for Sausage, and this salami incorporates these flavors with a family recipe consisting of cumin, garlic, and orange zest. Based in Portland, Oregon, Olympia Provisions goes for an old-world approach to salumi to bring traditional European flavors to America.

Maestri Speck: (Included in the Cheese & Meat Box)
Maestri d’Italia brings Italy straight to your board with dry-cured smoked ham. Seasoned with sea salt and herbs, and smoked using beech wood for 150 days in the Italian Alps.

Omnom Black n’ Burnt Barley:  (Included in the Cheese & Chocolate Box)
Icelandic chocolatier Omnom is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to flavors of artisan chocolate. Black n’ Burnt Barley might be an odd name for a chocolate, but the taste is phenomenal. With notes of burnt toast, coffee and malt, this black chocolate has a toasted, puffed barley throughout with a hint of lava salt.
*This chocolate contains gluten. If you would like it changed to a gluten-free chocolate, please let us know.*

Mayana Heavens to Bacon Bar:  (Included in the Cheese & Chocolate Box)
Artisan chocolatier Mayana brings this joyous creation. This bar has a base of 66% Dark Chocolate, and almond, potato chip praline, crisp rice, and the protagonist– smoked bacon caramel. Yum!

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